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New! A Rainbow Unicorn!

Yes…I’ve gone ahead and done it… I drew a real Rainbow Unicorn! Ha, well, you and the kids get to decide if it’s real. This new Pillowcase Painting Kit design is a fun one for me because when I was a kid, rainbow unicorns were a big hit… But kind of like the BeeGees were a big hit in my parent’s generation; so big that there was also a backlash– you were either a lover or a hater. I, most definitely leaned toward the “tom-boy” side of childhood, so as a kid, I did not indulge in the joys of unicorns. Somehow though, the older I get, the more free I feel to delight in anything I want, without fear of judgement. (From myself…or others) The Rainbow unicorn has found a place in my heart…albeit, the kitschy part of my heart. There is no denying that unicorns are well loved by many, many children, and this new design has already received excited praise from parents and little kids…and, it makes me happy. Rainbow Unicorn