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Christmas Craft Shows 2017 -public

Hello Folks!

It is Christmas Craft Show season and we are hopping busy here at the Artburn Painting Kit Studio! You can find my Painting Kits across the country in specialty gift shops (call me to ask who has them near your city) or, if you’re in MONCTON NB, or EDMONTON AB, you can find me personally at 2 upcoming Craft Shows. (I had 2 in Nova Scotia already but life was a little too crazy to make a post!)

In my town of Halifax, you can always find my Kits at Jennifer’s of Nova Scotia.

If there are no stores carrying my Kits in your Canadian town (call and ask me) then I can ship direct. Just call/email me for info.

Here’s the deets for the shows I have in the next couple of weeks:

Moncton Coliseum (Turner’s Show) November 24 -26 – Moncton, New Brunswick.

Butterdome Craft Sale (Signatures Show) November 30- December 3 – Edmonton Alberta.

Thanks, Be well!

Look for my Big Strong Heart