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Eleanor-in-studioHey there!

Nice to meet you. I’m Eleanor, and I am the illustrator and creator of these Painting Kits, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I love swirling colours, stripes and polka dots… positivity and looking at the bright side.

There are many ups and downs in life… I’ve had my share, as we all have. What gets me through the tricky bits is a commitment to keeping things in perspective, having confidence in my own inner strength and being grateful for beauty and kindness that surrounds us, daily. Having the presence of mind to notice and appreciate small joys and share them with others, keeps me ticking.

This outlook on life is what inspired my line of Powerful Pillows! I love the fact that kids across the country are tucking into bed, thinking positive thoughts as they fall asleep with my pillowcases. It’s my hope that parents will use the Powerful Pillows as an opportunity to talk to their kids about these important life messages: self-esteem, being safe and loved, gratefulness, being intelligent and capable…anti-Bullying and coping strategies for stress. Painting is a terrific, calming activity and a great time to talk.

Eleanor in the colourful Artburn Painting Kit boothI studied Surface Design/Screen Printing at Ontario College of Art in Toronto. I come from a long family line of creative, self-employed entrepreneurs. My business has evolved greatly over 2 decades (I began by selling at music festivals as a teenager!) and I remain excited about offering colourful, fun products for you and your kids. Most of all, I am grateful for your positive responses.

Just call or email if you’d like to order.

Thank you!