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Balancing Animals
stacking game

Playing with multiple sets at once – so fun, for all ages!

Artburn is proud to offer you  New Zealand’s Tarata Toys‘ wonderful Balancing Animals stacking game.

Each set of Balancing Animals has 5 animals in a lovely gift box, and is available in either natural or colour.  Balancing Animals are hand-cut from a single block of New Zealand farm-forested Radiata pine, and finished in either natural linseed oil or non-toxic coloured dye. This unique game is designed for both adults and children, challenging all levels of coordination skills. In addition, the 5 animals can be combined with animals from different sets allowing you to create an even bigger balancing act!

A selection of balancing possibilities is illustrated on the card enclosed, along with some useful hints on getting started. Super fun for all ages – check out the video below:

Balancing Jungle Animals

Balancing Elephants

Balancing Whales

Balancing Dinosaurs